Understand the financing process!

What is mortgage?

Through the mortgage you get a line of credit that will be used to finance your property. Through the line of credit you have the opportunity to enjoy the property even if you have not paid 100% of it.

Through interest, percentage of your down payment and years of amortization, your monthly payment will be defined and at the end of the years of amortization the property ceases to be alienated and becomes your own property!

Steps of Financing

Obtain your Pre-Approval Letter

You can do this over the phone or even online in the our site!


Credit Validation

After receiving your PRE-APPROVAL, send your documents to gisele@fexpressmortgage.com


Property Purchase Agreement

Contact your realtor and make the purchase offer!

Appraisal and Closing

Finance Express will contract the title company and the preparation of writing. Once the property is approved, you will sign the real estate credit agreement and receive the keys to your property!

Apply Now!

Our online form is easy, fast and you can get a response within 24hrs!


Basic Documentation

  • Passport
  • American visa ( if required)
  • Utility bill 
  • Income information
  • 2 months Bank statements 
  • 1 or 2 Credit reference letters

*** There is No Doc programs, where you will not show any income information

*** Bank statements are only to verify funds to close 

Financing Options


Financing used in the purchase of residential properties such as: Townhouses, Single Families etc …


Financing used in the purchase of corporate properties or commerce.


Financing used for the construction of properties in general.